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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Movie Info : Erotic Journey (1993

Title: Erotic Journey (1993)
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Adult
Year :1993
Runtime :77minute
Language Cantonese/Chinese
Subtitle:hard eng/chi

Lau Hok-Fung

Chan Wing-Chi (1)
Cheng Yuk-Hing
Ivy Wong Yuet-Saan
Suen Kwok-Ming .. Useless prison guard
Melvin Wong Gam-San
Dick We


Three girls working at an adult club in Hong Kong went on a vacation in Thailand. They got drunk in a club and got into a fight with the club manager.
Three men also vacationing in Thailand from Hong Kong just happen to be there and rescued them. The six of them went back to the hotel
and have sex. It turns out those 3 men were drug dealers and left some drugs with the girls. The three drug dealers got involved in a busted drug deal
when the 3 girls just turned up at the scene. The police thought the girls were involved and arrested them. They were sent to a prison camp in the Thai jungles.

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