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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Amorous Lotus Pan

Title: The Amorous Lotus Pan
Other titles: Poon Gam Lin | Pan Jin Lian
Year: 1964
Genre: Chinese opera | Historical Drama | Romance
Director: See Luk Chow
Country: Hong Kong
Studio: Shaw Brothers
Language: Chinese (mandarin)
Subtitles: English srt
File size: 700 MB
Runtime: 01:14:46

Diana Chang Chung Wen | Paul Chang Chung | Pak Wan | Wong Gam | Lee Kwan | Hung Mei | Cheng Miu | Han Ying Chieh | Nam Wai Lit | Lau Kar Leung | Cheung Hei | Chow Siu Loi | Leung Yui | Chan Siu Pang | Chui Chung Hok | Fan Mei Sheng | Mama Hung | Man Sau | Violet Pan Yingzi | Tong Gaai | Yam Ho

Plot :

This was one of Chow Sze-loke's final movies after a thirty-year career. The script, by future "godfather of the kung-fu film" Chang Cheh, tells the story of a poor but beautiful girl who starts her eventful and erotic road to doom as a maid of a rich man. Diana Chang Chung-wen, comely costar of The Empress Wu, ably plays the girl who becomes the wife of a midget, the mistress of a playboy, a husband murderer, the seductress of her brother-in-law, and, ultimately, his victim as well.

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